Benefits of the Program

Who is Savvy Transition For?

Savvy Transition is designed specifically for: Existing leaders taking on expanded responsibilities Individuals newly appointed to a leadership role Leaders just hired into the organization

Benefits of the Program

With Savvy Transition in your portfolio of leadership development solutions, you will be able to:

  • View an enterprise-wide progress summary of all leaders enrolled in the program
  • Provide an affordable turnkey solution for your leaders
  • Enable leaders to more quickly integrate into their roles
  • Build a strong foundation for long-term success of your leaders
  • Increase employee engagement and performance by cultivating high-quality leaders

We offer an Enterprise License that enables you to own Savvy Transition and customize the branding, content, and tools.

As the supervisor of a leader, you have a vested interest in his/her success. After all, when your team is successful, you are successful! Savvy Transition will help your leader to:

  • View your leaders’ progress against the 21 Savvy Transition activities
  • Avoid the most common mistakes of leaders
  • Engage effectively with you and other key stakeholders
  • Learn practical skills and techniques that really work
  • Resolve conflict in a professional and productive manner
  • Access your leader’s dashboard at any time to review progress

As a leader enrolled in the program, Savvy Transition will help you to:

  • Identify critical steps you must take to maximize your success
  • Negotiate with key stakeholders to achieve results-oriented, rewarding, interdependent business relationships
  • Build high-performing coalitions of people who achieve business results
  • Communicate successfully from a strong leadership platform
  • Assess the organization’s culture, your learning needs, and achieve your learning goals

How It Works

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Savvy Transition is an online structured six-month program of coaching and tools designed to help a leader excel in his/her new or expanded role. The program engages the leader in collaborative efforts with supervisors, peers, direct reports, clients or customers, and key stakeholders. Because a leader’s success depends on forging constructive relationships with these stakeholders, you will find that the program continually directs the leader toward others — for information exchange, alliance building, and visioning work.

Accelerate Leader Performance

percent of turnover may be avoidable through better leadership*

*Source: The Ken Blanchard Companies

percent productivity drag attributed to poor leadership practices*

percent of annual sales lost due to poor leadership*

percent improvement in customer satisfaction through better leadership*

Invest in Your Leaders' Success

Savvy Transition enables leaders to quickly learn and apply proven concepts, skills, and techniques, helping them to perform at their highest levels! Invest in the success of your leaders by giving them access to Savvy Transition within the first month of their new or expanded roles.

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Program Content

Savvy Transition is a six-month online program organized around 4 Transition Phases, 6 Focus Areas, 21 Transition Activities, and is supported by 40+ Transition Tools to help leaders be successful. Below is more information about the program’s content.

Savvy Transition is the most comprehensive program for leaders in transition.

4 Transition Phases & 6 Focus Areas


Taking Hold (Month 1), focuses on clarifying the leader’s role, building relationships, paving the way for necessary changes, and targeting specific factors affecting the leader’s success.


Immersion (Month 2) focuses on building awareness of strengths and needs of the leader and key stakeholders. The leader learns to leverage insights about the organization’s systems, politics, and culture.


Reshaping (Months 3-4) focuses on assessing team competencies and development needs, managing conflicting agendas, promoting an inclusive culture, creating a vision for the future and securing buy-in for that vision.


Consolidation (Months 5-6) focuses on future challenges and opportunities. The leader repairs and enhances stakeholder relationships, builds support for the vision, and measures progress to date and charts the path forward.

The focus areas help leaders identify critical objectives, work with teams, develop relationships, build self-awareness, understand the organization, and partner with supervisors.

Focus Areas

21 Transition Activities

The four phases are supported by 21 transition activities designed to help leaders develop practices that they can use the rest of their career. The activities enable leaders to learn and understand core leadership concepts, skills, and techniques, and then incorporate them into their thinking and daily work routines.

21 Transition Activities

40+ Transition Tools

Savvy Transition includes 40+ tools to help leaders analyze, plan, and execute their transitions. Tools are downloadable in MS Word and Excel formats and can be easily customized.

  • Sample Appointment Communication Memo
  • Appointment Communication Plan
  • Personal Advisory Board Worksheet
  • Transition Action Plan
  • Appointment Charter Research Kit
  • Sample Appointment Charter
  • Appointment Charter Template
  • Meeting Navigation Guide
  • Leader Assimilation Meeting Guide
  • Stakeholder Analysis Checklist
  • Stakeholder Analysis Worksheet
  • Stakeholder Relationship Research Checklist
  • Stakeholder Relationship Plan
  • Understanding Resistance Checklist
  • Credibility Research Checklist
  • Supporting Change Research Checklist
  • Success Factors Evaluation: Current Self
  • Success Factors Evaluation: Others’ Ratings
  • Success Factors Evaluation: Desired Self
  • Glossary of Common Derailers
  • Potential Drawbacks of Key Strengths
  • Strengths and Derailers Checklist
  • Personal Audit Sheet
  • Supervisor Style Research Checklist
  • Learning Techniques Inventory
  • Organizational Politics & Culture Research Checklist
  • Business Systems Research Checklist
  • Sample Team Competency Gap Analysis
  • Team Competency Gap Analysis Template
  • Closing the Gaps Strategy Checklist
  • Conflicting Agenda Checklist
  • Inclusive Culture Checklist
  • Vision Gathering Information Checklist
  • Vision Analysis Information Checklist
  • Vision Design Checklist
  • Vision Meeting Facilitation Guide
  • Stakeholder Relationship Maintenance Checklist
  • Stakeholder Relationship Enhancement Checklist
  • Vision Support-Building Checklist
  • Vision Resistance Checklist
  • Progress Evaluation Form: Leader
  • Progress Evaluation Form: Supervisor
  • Progress Evaluation Form: Human Resources
  • Learning Questionnaire
  • Roadmap for Continued Success: Action Plan
  • Challenge Consultation Form

Progress Reports for Supervisors

Leaders enrolled in the Savvy Transition program can add one or more supervisors to their account. Supervisors then receive a username/password enabling them to log in and view their leader’s progress against the 21 Savvy Transition activities. Supervisors also receive periodic e-mail reminders to review progress. See the example to the right


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Purchase Access

Purchase Access to Individual, Group, or Enterprise Licenses

  • Individual License: Instant Access
    one-time payment
    Get immediate access. Activate the license yourself or give it to someone else to use. Secure online payment.
    • 6 months of unlimited 24 x 7 online access
    • 21 transition activities covering 6 focus areas
    • 40+ downloadable, editable tools
    • Progress reports for Supervisors
    • No software to download/install
  • Group Discount
    Purchase multiple individual licenses now. Take up to 12 months from date of purchase to activate each license.
    • 6 months of unlimited 24 x 7 online access
    • 21 transition activities covering 6 focus areas
    • 40+ downloadable, editable tools
    • Progress reports for Supervisors
    • No software to download/install
  • Enterprise Edition
    Support all of your organization’s leaders, now and in the future. A great solution for OD/HR professionals.
    • Lifetime license with no recurring fees
    • Enterprise reporting for administrators
    • Unlimited # of users through accounts you administer
    • User progress tracking and reporting capabilities
    • Customize the look and feel to match your branding
    • Customize content and tools; add your own
    • Progress reports for Supervisors

Enterprise Edition

Support all of your organization’s leaders, now and in the future!

The Enterprise Edition is for organizations that want a scalable and affordable solution for their leaders.

Our Enterprise Edition provides a number of benefits:

  • Own the solution forever with no recurring fees
  • Support an unlimited number of leaders
  • Change look and feel to match your branding
  • Customize the content and tools
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A highly-effective leader development solution for Organizational Development & HR teams

More Information

FAQs and Contact Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for:

–Existing leaders taking on expanded responsibilities

–Individuals newly appointed to a leadership role

–Leaders just hired into the organization

While these are the primary audiences, there are others who may benefit from the content as well.

When is the best time for a leader to begin the program?

To get the maximum value, a leader should be given access to Savvy Transition within the first month that he/she:

–Takes on expanded leadership responsibilities,

–Is newly promoted into a leadership role, or

–Is hired into a leadership role

The sooner the leader has access to Savvy Transition, the better. Ideally, he/she would have access to the program during the first week.

Can I purchase a license for someone else to use?

Yes. After purchasing an individual license online, you can do one of two things. You can activate the Savvy Transition account for yourself. Or, you can forward the account activation instructions to someone else so that they can register an account.

Can I purchase this for my entire company/organization?

Yes. We offer an Enterprise license for organizations that want a scalable and affordable solution for their leaders in transition. You can read more about the enterprise license here.

What are the technical requirements?

Savvy Transition is optimized for desktop/laptop use and requires only an up-to-date web browser and the ability to open Microsoft Word and Excel documents (e.g., Microsoft Office).

Additionally, it will work on a large percentage of Apple and Android mobile devices (tablets and phones), as long as you have an app installed that can handle Microsoft Word and Excel documents.

Can I get a demo?

We are happy to provide a demo to OD/L&D/HR/talent management leaders interested in learning more about the program. You may request a demo by e-mailing us at

How was this content developed?

Savvy Transition was developed by the transformation and change experts at Emergent, based on their years of experience. The program represents the collective wisdom of highly experienced executive coaches, leadership development professionals, and researchers who have studied the characteristics of successful leaders.

John Gabarro of the Harvard Business School conducted research identifying challenges facing leaders in new roles. We built upon these concepts to design four phases and 21 transition activities covering a six-month period. Additionally, our concepts complement much of what Michael Watkins wrote in his international bestseller, The First 90 Days.

What are your purchase terms and conditions?

Our standard Terms & Conditions of Use are as follows:

–The content publisher, Emergent LLC, hereby grants you permission to download, customize, print, and copy materials, provided that the logo and copyright information appearing in documents is not altered in any way.

–Downloaded content shall be shared with others only as needed for the express purpose of facilitating the activities in the program (e.g., administering assessments, facilitating meetings, etc).

–Materials shall not be posted or stored on any web site or networked computer environment (internal or external).

–Only the individual who registered the user account is authorized to access the online content (note: in some cases, this may be different from the purchaser).

–Username and password information shall not be shared with anyone.

–Access terminates automatically without notice if you breach any of these terms or conditions. On any such termination, you agree to immediately destroy any downloaded or printed materials.

–Any unauthorized use of materials contained on this site may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, laws of privacy and publicity and communications regulations and statutes.

–There are no refunds available (full or partial).

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